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Junior Scientist Training Program

Scientific Requirement
College graduates with a four-year degree in biology, require more hands-on laboratory experience to either effectively compete for research technician positions or be more productive in a research based laboratory.

Ideal Candidates
Post Bacs, recent college graduates, fourth year biology majors or those in the sciences who need to strengthen their laboratory skill set.

To provide a quality training program at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that bridges the gap between the level of laboratory skills biology graduates have acquired, to the proficiency level needed to be productive in a research laboratory setting.

Using the FAES's Bio-Trac training resources at the NIH, selected students will attend a nine month workshop encompassing fifteen hands-on laboratory sessions (seventy-five contact hours) covering the latest relevant laboratory techniques in molecular biology. These selected methods have been identified by NIH scientists and private industry representatives to be techniques that research technicians would implement on a day-to-day basis.

Participants would also be required to view online, selected lectures (approximately thirty hours) that are part of the current FAES Bio-Trac curriculum offered at the NIH. These lectures, which are taught at a graduate level by local researchers, will cover many areas of biotechnology that will introduce and reinforce the subject matter given in the laboratory.

Participating researchers will be available to serve as mentors for interns who participate in the program.

Students will gain extensive experience in laboratory techniques that are necessary to excel in the sciences once completed. Upon conclusion of the program, participants would receive six graduate credits from the FAES, have increased their competitive value for positions such as a research technician and strengthened their graduate school or internship application if persuing graduate studies.

Course Schedule 2014-15

Nine Month Program
Trac JSTP-2013
September 2013 - May 2014

:00 - 5:00 p.m.

80 lab contact hours
30 on line lecture hours
$4,000 (space is limited to 20 participants)

Payment Plan Available:

Deposit - $500

Sept. 15th - $500.00

Oct. 15th - $1,000.00

Nov. 15th - $1,000.00

Dec. 30th - $1,000.00

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Biotechnology Training Courses at the National Institutes of Health
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