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TRAC 41: miRNA: Tools and Technologies for the Quantitative and Functional Analysis in Mammalian Cells

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are evolutionarily conserved, endogenous, noncoding small RNAs that act as post-transcriptional gene regulators.  miRNAs as gene regulators play a vital role in many biological processes.  In addition to normal human development involving cell growth and proliferation, tissue differentiation, embryonic development, and apoptosis, human diseases are also impacted by miRNAs.  Mutation, dysfunction, and/or dysregulation of miRNAs may give rise to diseases such as coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes, AIDS, hepatitis, and obesity.
In this hands-on training workshop, participants will learn the latest information about miRNA and the use of miRNA as a diagnostic tool. 

Lecture Topics:  Overview of miRNA; Quantification and Functional Analysis of miRNA in Mammalian Cells; Profiling on miRNA and miRNA in a Mouse Model for Adipocyte Differentiation; Discovering and Expression of miRNA; Regulation of the Immune System by miRNA; miRNA Expression Patterns in Colon Cancer;  Bioinformatic Analysis and Discovery of miRNA; Use of RNAs for Profiling in Mammalian Cells
Laboratory Topics: Isolation of mRNA and miRNA from 3T3-L1 Cells in Pre, During, and Post Differentiation.  Spectophotometric Quantification of the RNA, Reverse Transcription-PCR and Quantification of mRNA and miRNA Targets Whose Expression Change During Adipogenesis. The ddCt Method to Analyze the Data and Derive the Relative Changes in Expression of the mRNA and miRNA Targets will be Demonstrated. Changes in Expression of miRNAs in Cancer Cells by Array Technology and Bioinformatics Approaches for Identifying miRNAs Will Also be Described.

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Trac 41-SP
June 9-11, 2014
Monday - Wednesday
Trac 41-FL
Oct 15-17, 2014
Wednesday - Friday
9:00 - 5:00 p.m.
21 lecture/lab contact hours
$750 (Lecture & Laboratory)
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