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TRAC 38: Digital Imaging in Microscopy

Imaging of cells and tissue through the microscope in years past had embraced the use of film to capture pertinent events. Improvements in recent years have led to the insurgence of digital imaging techniques which allows for considerably more flexibility and accuracy in obtaining these images.  Digital imaging effectively addresses the demands of high resolution, color accuracy speed of acquisition, imaging flexibility and low cost all of which are demanded by the field today.

Areas to address in this course will include information related to effective imaging through the microscope as it relates to the camera itself as well as appropriate microscope setup to allow for optimal results in the lab situation.  

Topics: Characteristics of a wide range of digital cameras (ie resolution vs sensitivity); Appropriate filter selection for the microscope (ie narrow band vs wide band and imaging techniques to optimize signal localization); Advantages of microscope motorization for digital imaging and 3D rendering (ie Z-stack acquisition); Optical sectioning (ie Apotome and Deconvolution).

These topics will all be discussed in lecture format by specialists in the individual fields from both the research field as well as from industry where appropriate.  Daily laboratory classes will be included for part of each day to allow for hands on experience with a variety of imaging systems.

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Trac 38
Dec. 10-14, 2014
Wednesday - Friday

9:00 - 5:00 p.m.

21 lecture/lab contact hours
$750 (Lecture & Laboratory)
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