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TRAC 10: Protein-DNA Interactions: Gene Specific and Epigenetic Regulation of Expression of the Mammalian Genome

Although the Human Genome Project has successfully elucidated an incredible amount of structural information contained within the human and other genomes, much current and future effort is and will be devoted to understanding how the expression of this genetic information is regulated and how the interactions between the vast array of expressed proteins is controlled. The identification and analysis of protein-nucleic acid interactions is one of the most rappidly expanding and exciting areas of cell and molecular biology. This lecture and laboratory course will review the conventions and experimental approaches that are important in studying proteins which interact with DNA and RNA molecules. Special emphasis will be placed on transcriptional regulation, homeoboxes, epigenetic regulation and hormone responsive elements. A course focused on gene regulation would not be complete without discussion of the newest transcriptional regulators, siRNAs.

Topics: The Role of Transcriptional Regulators in Cell Biology; Hox-A9 and Hox-DNA Interactions; Transcriptional Regulation of the Telomerase hTERT Gene as a Target for Cellular and Viral Oncongenic Mechanisms; Methods and Experimental Approaches for Studying DNA-protein Interactions; Interactions of DNA with Steroid, Thyroid, and Retinoic Acid Receptor Complexes; Lsh, an Epigenetic Regulator of the Mammalian Genome; Motifs of DNA Binding Proteins; Basal Transcription Factors and Co-activators in Eukaryotes; Reporter Genes for Transcription Factor Analysis; SUMO Modification: Regulator of Protein-Protein and Protein-Nucluic Acid Interactions; Regulation of Gene Expression by the Homeodomain: Tertiary Structure, Dynamics, and Transgenic Alterations; siRNA and Regulation of Gene Expression.

This workshop is only available on a contract basis

9:00 - 5:00 p.m.

35 lecture / lab contact hours
Contract Only
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